Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday evening in Guangzhou China

It is Tuesday evening here in Guangzhou China. We had a good day, but did not do a whole lot. We are getting to spend time with each other which is nice. Audrey is enjoying learning to walk! She is getting more brave each day and trying new things. She loves getting up on her feet and having us help her walk. She smiles and laughs almost every time! Bedtime is still a struggle to get her to sleep, but once she goes down she is sleeping pretty well. We are hoping once we can get back home and in more of a routine it will get even better. We are still ready to spend our time together back in the U.S.

This afternoon we went to this area called Shamian Island. It is very pretty there. We did a little more shopping for Audrey. We got several authentic Chinese things at a little shop called Jenny's Place (Thank, you Vicki Pierce). We also ate at a place called Lucy's for dinner which was pretty good. We are not very adventurous eaters. We have been eating some at the McDonalds next door and we ordered out some Papa John's last night. We are ready for some good food when we get back home. Our hotel is a 5 star Marriott hotel and the included breakfast buffet is very good.

Just a few more days and we will be home! Can't wait for everyone to meet Audrey!

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