Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Another day closer

Today is Wednesday here in Guangzhou China! We did not do a whole lot again today, but it was a really good day with family. We had a late breakfast and then came back to the room for Audrey's nap. Last night and today she has been going to sleep without as much fuss. She was fussy for a while this afternoon, but she had a really good evening. I guess that may be typical with a baby. She is more confident with us each day and it is really neat to see her becoming more comfortable. I think that is why she is going to sleep easier. We may have already said this, but she hardly would crawl when we first got her. Now she can easily crawl. She now loves standing on her feet and she just laughs when walking with our fingers in her little hands. She gets so excited and gets going so fast it is hillarious! Bath time was not near as difficult tonight either (check out the picture with the cool hair style). We took a walk around the area here this afternoon.

Tommorrow is our last appointment (consulate appointment) and then Friday it is off to Hong Kong which is a 3 hour drive from here. We will stay the night there and fly home on Saturday. We are very excited! Thanks for everyone for reading our blog and keeping up with us and praying for us. This trip has been challenging, but very good also. We are very blessed! We love all our faithful friends and family. God bless you all!

Kyle, Paige, & Audrey Fuqua

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  1. I am counting the days until you get home. I have enjoyed so much reading your blogs and getting to know Audry. She seems like a precious (and very typical) toddler. To me, this transition has gone smoothly. You may feel differently. I will pray for safe travels and supernatural protection from jet lag!!