Monday, October 17, 2011

Days of Rest

Saturday, Sunday, and Monday have been wonderful days of rest for us. The only downside to that is it makes the time go by a bit slower, and we are so ready to come home! :-) Saturday, we just hung out around the hotel. Sunday, we did much of the same, but we also got brave and took a taxi to a local supermarket to buy some things we needed. Today, we went to another store to buy some clothes for Audrey, and then we went for a stroll around Liuhuahu Park. It was huge! It is a beautiful park, and it was full of people today. I'm not sure if it's that way every day, but around every bend there were groups of people participating in different types of exercise/dance classes. People were also playing table tennis and badminton, and there were even exercise machines in the park!  Chinese people are definitely not lazy! There were also several different musicians and singers hanging out singing and playing their instruments. There was just so much to see, and Audrey slept through it all!

She loves to ride in the stroller, and falls asleep quickly. We are wishing we had one that would recline so we could just let her sleep in there at night! :-) As each day goes by, we can see her progressing more and more. When she first came to us last Wednesday, she couldn't even crawl very well. Now, she is walking while holding on to our hands! Amazing! We also see signs every day that she is bonding with and attaching to us more. How awesome it is when she reaches for us!

We have two more days of free time, and then our Consulate appointment is on Thursday. That is where we apply for Audrey's visa to come home to the U.S. We will get the visa on Friday, and then it's off to Hong Kong to spend the night. We'll fly home from there on Saturday!:-) We are looking forward to seeing you all!

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  1. So excited for you! She is so beautiful. I know you are ready to have her home and start your "new normal"!