Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I've heard lots of people talk about their "nesting" process during pregnancy.  Our nesting has been on fast forward!  We've been spending a crazy amount of time in Audrey's room trying to put away all of the wonderful gifts we've received for her.  I've also been doing an insane amount of laundry, both for Audrey and to prepare for our trip to China.  Even though it has been and currently is very stressful, it's also been a lot of fun doing this together.  There are still some unknowns that can not be known until we receive our daughter, so I'm resting in the knowledge that our adoption is all God's design.  He will give us the wisdom to answer any question or overcome any challenge that should arise.  He's carried us this far, and I know that He will never leave us.   As always, He is so very good!  

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  1. it's here, she'll be here with you soon, and most importantly, God is always here with you. you will be great parents. you've already made room in your hearts, so no worries - you'll adjust to making room in your lives. every parent asks for a split second " what have I done?" so if that comes up, don't fret that either. We are here for you Kyle and Paige, and Audrey. Don't forget that. We love you and you are not alone. See you soon, little family!!!