Saturday, October 15, 2011

All About Audrey

Today is Saturday, and it's the first day we've had to just hang out and take it easy. Up until this point, we've had some type of appointment every day. I thought I'd help everyone get to know our Audrey a bit better. We are still learning about her, of course, but here are some things we've learned so far.

Audrey is a very curious baby. She is always watching other people around her, especially herself...she loves looking in the mirror! She also explores everything by touching it if she can. It's very sweet when she reaches out to touch our faces, clothing, hair, etc. And when she looks at us with those beautiful dark eyes and melts our hearts!

Our girl is also very active. Lord help us when she starts walking! She wiggles all the time, even when sleeping. I think at home she'll need a king-sized bed because she rolls all over the place when she sleeps. She has also started throwing things, except she can't quite figure out how to throw them forward. She throws everything behind her head as though she has no use for it anymore. :-) Audrey is also babbling quite a bit. It sounds like baby babble, but it's possible there are some Chinese words
mixed in there somewhere.

She's been smiling and laughing quite a bit over the past couple of days, which is very fun for us. We do whatever we can to make her laugh. I've discovered that she is ticklish on her belly and her thighs. She also laughs whenever we kiss on the side of her neck. We are loving it! One thing she started doing on her own was making a motor boat sound with her lips. We've got to get a video of that because she spits quite a bit when she does it...hilarious!

Audrey loves to be held and carried around a lot. This is sweet, but becomes a problem at naptime and bedtime. If we put her down, she cries. That's why she's been sleeping in the bed with us. We decided that we'd do whatever we had to do to make sure that she gets the sleep she needs (us too!). Once she does go to sleep, though, it seems she could sleep through an F5 tornado! I would imagine that she had to be able to do that due to living over a year of her life in an orphanage. She also sucks her
thumb when she gets sleepy, which we think was probably a coping behavior that she developed while in the orphanage.

We are blessed to have this sweet little girl in our family! I've been telling her that she is famous back in Kentucky, and that there are so many people that want to meet her. We cannot wait to come home and show her off!

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  1. This picture of Paige and Audrey is BEAUTIFUL! :D