Thursday, June 9, 2011

It’s Christmastime!!

Hey, this is Kyle. We don’t have any new news right now, but I thought I would post something that has been rolling around in my head the last couple of days! In case you did not know it really is not Christmastime right now, but in a way it is for us. Here is what I mean...

I have always loved Christmastime! I remember hours of looking at the Sears toy catalog as a child and dreaming about all the things I wanted. I just remember the great feeling of anticipation and excitement. Although it is somewhat different now as an adult I still get pretty excited starting about mid November each year! Just ask Paige, she will tell you! I love having the tree up, listening to Christmas music, & all the other things that go along with that magical time of year. As great as the time with family, getting and giving presents, and all that stuff is, I also enjoy the time before the holiday and all the anticipation that goes along with it.

How do you like our ultrasound?

I’m starting to feel that way again right now… we are in the season waiting for the day we go to China to get our little China girl and it’s really a nice time! As much as I can’t wait for the actual day we go get Audrey, I am also enjoying this season we are in. It is kind of like it was when Paige and I first started this process in 2005-06 when we were talking about it, making plans, buying baby stuff, etc. before we discovered this adoption process was going to take so long. It is nice to feel like we are in that season again! Please pray for both of us that we are able to enjoy this time of anticipation and just be able to take it all in!

Wait patiently for the Lord. Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the Lord. – Psalms 27:14

Friday, June 3, 2011

And we're blogging...

We have titled our blog "Our China Girl" because we have been waiting for a sweet baby girl from China for almost 5 years now.  When we started this faith journey, we never dreamed we would have to wait so long before becoming parents.  However, God has been in this every step of the way, and we trust that His timing for everything is perfect.  We've always known that we are not waiting for any baby, but rather THE baby He has ordained to be part of our family.  In this revelation (and in Him) we have found the strength to press on.

We've also grabbed hold of a word that God spoke to us several months ago that He was putting an anointing of acceleration on certain processes.  Since this has most definitely been a process, we took that word for us and believed it.  In recent months, we have begun to see that acceleration manifest in our adoption.  China has begun processing referrals (matches) once a month again (instead of every 6 or 7 weeks), and they have been processing more referrals lately.  In short, we are 12 calendar days away from receiving a referral ourselves.  If China continues matching as they have been, it's very possible we will receive a referral this summer and travel in the fall!

If you are reading this blog, you are most likely one of the faithful family members or friends who has prayed through this process right along with us.  We want to take this opportunity to say a huge THANK YOU!  We could never express in words how much we appreciate your love and faithfulness.  We pray THE BLESSING over you as you stand in faith for whatever breakthrough you are believing to manifest in your own life.