Tuesday, September 27, 2011

We are going to China!!

As the title says, it looks like we are going to China on October 4! That is one week from today!! There is a lot we have done and still a lot to do. We got our Visas back with no problem. We made a huge Wal-Mart trip last weekend for our trip. We also have 2 showers at each of our workplaces this week!

Today has been a big day! We got a copy of our Travel Approval from China today which is what we have been waiting on. The original is supposed to be in our hands tomorrow. We have plane tickets on hold right now, but we cannot purchase them yet. It is a little confusing, but since we were placed with the group we are going to be with a little late, the agency has to make sure that they have room for us in the Consulate appointment on October 17. I am assuming that if they cannot fit us in then that we may have to stay an extra day or two which is why we can't book plane tickets yet. Don't worry we barely understand this ourselves!
We are excited! We are on our way Audrey!

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