Friday, September 30, 2011

Plans finalized and flights booked!!

We now have our itinerary for our trip to China. Here is our schedule...

October 7: Fly out of Nashville
October 8: Arrive in Beijing China at almost midnight!
October 9: Sightseeing- Great Wall of China
October 10: Sightseeing- Forbidden City/ Fly to Guanzhou China (Guangdong Province)
October 11: THE DAY WE GET AUDREY/ legal process
October 12:
October 13:
October 14: Orphange Visit (tentative)
October 15:
October 16:
October 17: Obtain legal documents
October 18: Medical exam for Audrey
October 19:
October 20: Consulate Appointment (this is the appointment that was changed which is why we are leaving later
October 21: Obtain Visa/ Possibly stay the night in Hong Kong
October 22: Fly out of Hong Kong- RETURN HOME!

I think we will do some sightseeing on the days where there is nothing scheduled or maybe just hanging out with Audrey.

It looks like we are flying for 2 straight days when we go and in a way we are. China is 13 hours ahead of our time here so you have to take that into account. However, on the way home we leave China on October 22 and we get home on October 22. Anyway, we are glad to have the schedule and the flights booked. We are on our way now!

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