Monday, August 15, 2011

Still Waiting Part 2

We are still waiting! We should be getting good at waiting by now! It has been a time of confusion with our referral (match with our baby) and we really don't know much more now than we did before. Basically, our referral was skipped, but we do not know why this happened. Our Log In Date in China was 7/12/06 and they got to that date- we just did not get our referral for some reason. Our adoption agency checked with the officials in China and they have agreed to go ahead and process our referral. That is great news! The thing now is that we have no idea how long it will take China to match us with Audrey and send the information about her to us. Our agency representative said it could be a month still before we get the referral in our hands. Anyway, we are hanging on and staying busy with work- Both of our jobs are busy right now since school has started. In the scheme of things another month is not too bad, but we were disappointed of course that we did not get our referral information when we were supposed to. We are ready to see pictures of her and to get this thing going! There is still a chance we will get to travel with our original group (the people that got their 7/12/06 referrals at the end of July), but that depends on how quickly China gets us our referral and if they are willing to expedite our paperwork or not. We are praying that we will get to travel with our original group so please agree with us about that. We will post when we know more.

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